(CORE) Corporate Optimization, Relaxed Equality

Our founder Nathan, on the 15th November 2023, has coined a new term "CORE" which stands for Corporate Optimization, Relaxed Equality.

This is to show what we believe in, and also to tackle the negative aspects of ESG, which we and many other known figures, while the key aspects of it are important, believe ESG is all sizzle but no steak.

Corporate Optimisation means long-term financial sustainability and streamlined company management.

Relaxed Equality means a relaxed work environment and respect for all employees.

We believe that every team and company is at its best when there is simplified management structure and a relaxed environment.

If you are interested in the term and our beliefs, feel free to contact us.

Division Plan

Our plan involves 3 divisions, each focused on key aspects of the company.

This will allow us to achieve our goal and stay responsive to the needs of both employees and players,

We hope other teams join us in hopes to make gaming great again.

Nathco LTD

Manage all Business related matters and Oversee all Divisions.

Product Management (Strategy and Vision)
Strategic Vision
Business Development
Financial Stability

Nathco Game Publishing

Final Quality Assurance check, Market and Publish Finished Games.

Final Quality Assuarance
Community Relations
Marketing and Distributing
Analysing Sales

Nathco Game Studios

Develop and Quality Assure Games.

Project Management (Planning and Execution)
Creative Direction
Game Development and Quality Assurance

Also a Advisory Officer for each studio, reporting anonymous feedback and suggestions to the executives,

A well-functioning feedback loop can contribute to continuous improvement, innovation, and better decision-making.

Sustainable Responsibility

Though we have our own coined term which we encourage,
as a company, we feel that we should specify our views for each of the following recognised terms.

(ESG) Environment, Social, Governance

Sustainable Practices

We recognize the importance of sustainable business practices, including eco-friendly initiatives to minimize our environmental impact.

We prioritize transparency, ethical decision-making, and accountability, maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our operations.

(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Engagement

We recognise engaging in community projects contributes to the well-being of society beyond our core business activities

(D&I) Diversity and Inclusion

Relaxed Workplace Culture

We are dedicated to creating a relaxed work environment that values individuals from many backgrounds.

We want to foster a culture where every team member feels relaxed and encouraged, ensuring equal opportunities and fair treatment for everyone.

(TBL) Triple Bottom Line

We understand that Triple Bottom Line means prioritising each, social, environmental, and financial aspects, to gain success.

(SDG) Sustainable Development Goals

We understand the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals attempt to contribute positively to global challenges like poverty and climate change.