Our Goal

Founded 20th November 2022,
our goal is to develop, publish, and manage video games, staying dedicated to players and long-term financial stability.


We believe that with a organized, simple and reliable management, any game can be developed into a masterpiece.

Every game is art and should be at a high quality standard, not rushed out to meet targets.

In the current world there are many good companies that rush to private equity for money, which turns them from simple and independent to pressured and controlled,
which is why they fail to meet players expectations.

We hope to change that.


Developing our own games, gradually seeing revenue sustain, and staying independent from private equity.

But to be able to fund games, we first need enough earnings to be able to stay financially stable.

We will be the independent, organized and reliable management that every team requires.

Join Us

If you are interested in using our services or joining us, please contact us.